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Who are we?

Technogenic was founded in 2018 by Rimian Perkins. Before that, Rimian was a sole trader with over 20 years experience in web development and design.

Rimian has worked on almost everything from small websites to world famous brands including: Lonely Planet, McDonald’s, Intel, Schweppes, CHOICE and many more. Actually it’s hard to remember all of them.

Rimian has a wide variety of skills in implementing websites, consulting and writing software. These include: Ruby on Rails, ember.js, Angular.js, HTML, CSS3 and test driven development. Rimian is ranked in the top 2% on Stack Overflow.

But don’t believe what we say… Here are two endorsements from colleagues:

Rim was a vital part of the R&D team culture. He asks the questions nobody else is willing to ask, and has a strong focus on software quality. His testing abilities are top notch, and has delivered speed and coverage improvements to legacy code bases. I look forward to working with Rimian again.

Lindsay Holmwood
Software engineering leader


I had the pleasure of working with Rimian at Bulletproof. He is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. Rimian was instrumental in developing the initial Design Guidelines and has created some very beautiful, user-friendly software. Rimian has a divergent, abstract thinking style which assists in examining issues from different perspectives. I would definitely want to work with Rimian again!

Jamie Slater
Senior IT Project Manager.

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